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We deliver strategic human resource management, customized business process improvement solutions, and leadership and executive coaching. Excellence Exemplified.

Who Is Hiton Group

We are… Here In Time Of Need, to extend the capacity of organizations doing work to improve conditions for historically marginalized and underserved communities. Hiton Group brings a storied perspective to leadership through diverse and progressive techniques that will prepare your organization and staff to navigate the shifting terrains of the contemporary workplace.

Change in business today is the norm, and often not linear. Changing demands in workplace culture, environment, processes, and people require interventions that are motivational, transformational, and sustainable. Contact Hiton Group today to learn how we can support you in making the shifts needed to meet new demands, empower your team to create solutions, and drive success!

In Partnership We Serve

Hiton Group serves to increase growth and create lasting impact through partnership with your mission and understanding your vision. We work for you, with you, and through you to improve infrastructure and process, increase productivity and purpose, and further develop your greatest asset – your team!

Your best work is often internal first, whether individually or part of a team. We understand the

imperative to foster desirable workplace values, behaviors, and outcomes. We offer a comprehensive suite of strategic HR management strategies, executive coaching, and business process analysis to enhance and transform organizational structure and culture. We are committed to social responsibility, corporate sustainability, community empowerment, and social justice. Hiton Group builds leaders and improves systems that drive increased performance!

Our Services

Elevate Your Business With Professional

Consulting Services From Hiton Group

Strategic Human Resources

Develop and implement HR programs that address and solve organizational problems and directly contribute to major long term objectives.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Our clients will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their commitment to themselves and their goals.

Business Process Improvement

Making changes (improvements) to the way you work (your process) in order to see better results for your organization.


We Take AIM

We operate with Authenticity and Integrity, eMpowering you to create your GEMs

  • Goal – Identify your goal, your vision; determine where you want to go and what you want to do.
  • Educate – Inform your team; help them understand the direction, why it was set, how they are involved, and the impacts they create.
  • Make it happen – Put your plan into place and implement.


Crystal Parker

Hiton Group demonstrates integrity, authenticity, and empathy to foster deeper relationships, build stronger teams, and facilitate greater success. Founder and CEO Crystal Parker has over 15 years of experience working with teams to create dynamic workplace cultures. Crystal plays an integral role in helping organizations to improve infrastructure, execute workforce planning, and strengthen their executive leadership teams.

She is a certified coach and leadership development specialist who focuses on partnership in problem solving. Crystal has served in government, for-profit, and not-for-profit sectors. Her work with the Chicago Public Schools district, creating systems and reengineering business processes, positively impacted over 400,000 children and more than 26,000 employees.

Her work with non-profit organizations such as Heartland Alliance for Human Rights and ACLU of Texas included strengthening people-first cultures and values to create diversity, equity, and foster belonging environments critical to achieving organizational mission.

Crystal is committed to elevating awareness around systemic injustices and empowering organizations to create social impact for those in underserved and adversely impacted communities. Her long term goals are to center those that have been marginalized, build power through community, narrow the racial wealth gap, and create lasting successful legacies. Learn how you can partner with Crystal today to empower your organization and further impact your community.


Hear What Our Clients Say

“I was overwhelmed with how difficult it was to assume leadership of a new school administration with high targets where students had not met goals on standardized testing. With Crystal’s coaching, I was able to develop new approaches that led to increased team sync, morale, and effectiveness. We increased our staff retention and student scores across the board!”

- Donald P., Hiton Group Client

"Hiton Group has been an absolute blessing to our company as well as me, personally. The consistent coaching and consulting concerning our company’s business processes and strategies took my business to a higher level. We were able to streamline our contract process and improve our revenue flow and cash on hand. I highly recommend Hiton Group for your business needs."

- Industrial Minds, LLC, Hiton Group client


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